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Happy March- Here Are Some Life Updates For 2022 So Far.

March is one of the most transformative and dynamic months of the year, with spring on its way and the changes that it brings. Personally and professionally, this season of my life has been a whirlwind, so here are the latest updates.

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022- A New Year of Goals.

I believe that setting clear, attainable goals is crucial for the best personal growth. A new year brings an excellent opportunity to accomplish this and this year, I broke my goals down into categories to improve my focus on them even more.

My First Semester at a Four-Year University.

After graduating from community college, I was nervous to start a new chapter at another school and continue my journey to teaching certification. Nevertheless, I learned a lot in my first semester at a four-year university and it has already been an interesting experience.