Why I Started Writing on Medium.

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Medium is an online publishing platform that has approximately 85,000 active users, according to its own website. As a writer, I have been aware that Medium exists for a while, yet I did not look into it until recently. One of my closest online friends, Burk, was the first person to expose me to this platform. You can check out his Medium account here, as he has been quite successful there. He posts valuable tips about Medium and making money online in general.

I am pretty sure Burk told me about Medium almost immediately after we first met on Twitter; that shows how much he believes in it because all he has ever done is try to help me succeed. While I have been more focused on blogging through my own website, I never forgot what he told me about Medium.

This week, I had an epiphany about my blog. I have tried to maintain several different websites in the past and I always seem to become unsatisfied with them. This is frustrating since I work hard on my websites. Looking back, I wonder if I wasted my time on those blogs now that they do not even exist anymore. Despite that, I learned a lot through everything I did, and I am still learning with my current blog. I intend to keep maintaining it and publishing new content, although I am ready to take the plunge and try to be a writer on a different website as well.

I think being a Medium user will make me more serious about my writing. I enjoy being a blogger, but the bottom line is that I love being a writer. Running a blog is hard work. I spend most of my time building my website and promoting it, instead of focusing on writing my blog posts. Medium is already an established website. I do not have to put as much work into the technical aspect so I am able to write more often and I love it. I made a Medium account on Sunday and I have published a new article every single day so far. I have never been this inspired or motivated to create content, which is why I never came close to publishing new posts on my blog this frequently.

This new journey feels right to me. I am looking forward to growing on Medium. I will mainly be writing about education and teaching on my account, with some articles about writing and lifestyle topics occasionally. Now that my more “serious” writing will be posted there, I am going to keep posting content that is more personal on here, at least for the time being. I will keep publishing blog posts about my personal life and experiences as I feel the need to share anything new. If you are on Medium, I would appreciate it if you give me a follow. I need to reach 100 followers in order to start making money. Even if you are not on Medium, check out my articles!

My current favorite articles:

Thank you for reading. I have more updates to share soon so stay tuned. I hope everyone is doing well and that April will be a pleasant month for all of us.

8 thoughts on “Why I Started Writing on Medium.”

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words ๐Ÿ™‚

    Give Medium some time and you will figure out all the little details to make this platform work for you.

    And I know the feeling of keeping up with and maintaining a blog and how much time it takes. I also know quite a few things about deleting blogs and feeling all work and time spent there is lost for nothing.

    It usually all takes time. Months or even years. Therefore, doing it without pressure is much easier on your mental health and overall positivity and joy.

    Youโ€™re a talented writer, make the best of it on Medium. And you will start making money on Medium soon.


  2. That’s a great step, Bri! I personally feel that your contents are always so interesting even though it’s personal. And definitely it always feels good to hear that “You’re a writer and not just a blogger”. Here’s me wishing you all the very best for great exposure here on medium. Looking forward to read more.


  3. happy to see more bloggers go to medium! i feel the same way – that i’ll take my writing a lot more seriously on that platform. also, i find the entire site to be very user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. i think i’ll still write most of my posts on my main site [ since i don’t want to lose that hard work] but i’m excited to expand on this platform and connect with other writers & possibly write about a wide range of topics. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I agree! Medium seems like an incredible platform for writers. I like your plan for your blog moving forward. It is similar to what I intend to do so hopefully it works out for both of us! Thanks for reading.


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