How I Navigated My First Month With a Gym Membership.

Image by Karolina Grabowka.

Readers, please raise your hands- who else does not like to exercise? Be real, even if you exercise regularly, do you actually like it?

Throughout my life, I have tried to incorporate some sort of fitness and I have never been able to stick with it for long. My first job was at a gym and even with the free membership I had while I worked there, I think I only worked out a handful of times. For the first few months of the pandemic, I was steadily using Wii Fitness at home and that is the longest I have been able to regularly exercise, even though it was mostly out of boredom.

As I was growing up, I hated taking physical education/gym classes in school. I was a heavier child and I always felt insecure, as if the other children would laugh at me. I think that is why I never bothered to get active in them and since then, I have associated fitness with this negative feeling. There are certain physical activities that I enjoy, such as swimming and Zumba, but even those are activities I could never get into doing consistently.

Nevertheless, I know that exercise has many benefits and it is not like I actually dislike working out, especially since there are a lot of ways to make it fun. My issue is that whenever I take another stab at exercising, I seem to be on a weight-loss kick, which consists of me pushing myself too hard and tiring myself out by working out as much as possible in an attempt to see quick results. I also tend to put myself on these strict diets that make me miserable. This combination leads to disaster and I give up sooner or later.

Last year, I wanted to give the gym another chance. Since the summer, I meant to purchase a membership, and time kept escaping me. Well, what better time is there to start something new than a new year? As a result, I began 2022 by making the investment and I now go to the gym! I dragged Dan into this journey with me and I have to say, it has been going much better than I expected.

Conveniently, my gym has an app that helps people track their progress. Out of the 31 days of January, I visited the gym 19 times- not bad for a beginner. I got at least half an hour of exercise each of these days. I regularly do 15-30 minutes on the treadmill. I reached 15 minutes on the bicycle the other day. I still struggle with the elliptical and I have only ever been able to do five minutes at most. I am growing significantly with the machines, which I have never done much with in the past. I can do 90 pounds on the leg press. I try to stick to 40 pounds on most of the other machines, except the shoulder press and the lateral machine, I do 30 pounds.

I do not have much of a workout routine yet. I always begin with the treadmill because I treat it like a warmup. I try to do three sets of 20-45 seconds on each of the machines. I pick several to do during gym each visit. Consistency is key and lucky for me, I look forward to going to the gym now, which is something I have never felt before. I still hope to see weight loss, but I am making my goal physical and mental health in general so that I do not get discouraged and caught up in trying to lose weight.

I will keep providing fitness updates here and there as I continue going and getting used to it. Thank you for reading!

5 thoughts on “How I Navigated My First Month With a Gym Membership.”

  1. It’s me, who don’t like to go to gym and don’t even like to work out at home even. I’m completely opposite as here, having said this, I meant I’m so thin that’s the reason I’ve been asked by many to join gym. But yeah I do mental exercise like yoga and meditation which helps keeping my physical health intact. I know it’s good to work out but somehow doesn’t feel like it’s for me, you know? That’s why I’ve found a way around to just take a walk whenever it feels to be. A great post here to encourage others in focusing for physical health.


    1. I can certainly understand that. It took me a long time to feel like physical exercise could be something I like to do. I actually agree that it is not for everyone though and people go through life without it while feeling perfectly fine. Mental exercise is equally as important. Keeping your mind healthy makes such a difference so I applaud you for that!

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